Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rest of Vegas Trip Report

Friday, Day 4 (Last Day)

I was unsure what I wanted to do. Play cash games? Single table satellites? MTT? I was up fairly early and drove over to the Rio to see what single table sats they had going. At 8am nothing. I got back in the car and drove over to MGM to play some 1/2. I bought in for $100 and quickly had it up to $230 or so. I got in a hand with Q7 on a K7232 board calling a bet every street. Right read that he didn't have a K but he did have 88 and most of my profit was gone. I ended up leaving after an hour or so with a $10 profit.

I decided to drive back to the Rio and look to play one more single table sat in the hopes to get enough to play a mega satellite later in the day. I signed up for a $175. Early on I had KK and busted a player with AQ that flopped top top to get to 1600. After that I had QQ and won the blinds. Next interesting hand came in the first level vs a euro who had busted someone and had me covered. I had 1010 and called his raise pre. Flop Kxx. Call a bet, call turn and call river where my 1010 is good and I am up to 2325.

Moving to the 25/50 level we still have 9 people left and the same euro raises to 175. I look down at AA and raise to to 425 and after some thought he calls. Flop comes J52 rainbow. He checks and I bet 700. He thinks for a good minute or so and decides to shove 1025 total in. I table the aces and he shows A3 off. You all know how this story ends as the 4 hits the turn and I am down to 800. If I win that hand I am sitting on around 4k and can easily walk my way into a chop or have a chance to scoop it all. I win that one outright I am unstuck for the trip too. Alas I bust shortly after in a 4-way all-in with 22.

Done with sats I go back over to Caesars and sign up for the Noon tournament. I late reg'd about 10 minutes in and I drew the first table to break. I played pretty much any two cards in the first two levels and made some decent bluffs to make up for the misses and I was sitting on 14k at the first break. Early in level 3 our table breaks and I get moved to a table with 2 crasian ladies and a shitload of other players who like to gamble it up. A good table draw for me. I wanna get a stack built or I wanna bust. I lost 5k pretty quickly and was sitting on 9k when the bustout hand happened.

Playing 75/150 I limped with Q7 soooted and then called a raise to 750. Why I have no idea. Flop J7Xddd. The person who raised bets out for around 1k and I call. Based on the play that I saw I thought maybe he hit the J or had the naked Ad. I thought I would call and re-evaluate on the turn. I didn't watch the turn come out, just watched the player. he fires 2k at the pot. I look over to see another 7 hit the turn. I ship my last 6500 or so in the pot and he takes about 30 seconds and calls. I table my hand, he stares at it for a good 10 seconds then tables KQdd for the lovely slowroll. I started swearing at him calling him a fucking slowroller and said its gonna be fuckin sweet when the board pairs on the river. It didn't and I huffed away from the table.

All in all a disaster of a trip. One thing I learned is to not go out under-rolled. I need to go out there and have the buyins I need to play what I want and not have to worry about winning a satellite to play what I want. MTT's are just so hard to cash in. IF I happen to go out next year I really need to stick to the cash games and the single table satellites. If I plan on going for a week I need a minimum of $4k to go with. Since that's probably not gonna happen I might have to just skip a year. Maybe the looser FL laws will allow a series to come to town where I can play some sats. Who knows.

I think I might play a night or two of tournaments at the Borgata next week when I am up there on a business trip then swear them off for life. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

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  1. I learned a new word. Crasian = Crazy Asian.