Monday, July 20, 2009

AC Wrap Up

Not too much to report from last Wednesday but nonetheless here I am. Snatched Snuffy from the Borgata about 8 o'clock or so, checked into the free room at Bally's (where the desk clerk assumed Snuffy and I were lovers). OK, here's the side note. Snuffy was standing next to me in line while I checked in, she asked if I wanted a King or 2 Queens and when I said King, she immediately looked at Snuffy. I laughed and said he's not staying here, then she proceeded to give me two room keys anyway. Gay lovers FTW! (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

Moving on. We went to check out Bally's room but they were only spreading 1-3 NL, neither of us felt like playing that so we huffed over to Caesar's for 1-2. There insued an entire 2 hour session of bleeding off boring ass 1-2 no limit. I missed just about every flop with about every hand for the entire time and bled off about 80 bucks. Did have one big hand where I had AK and eventually called a shove on the turn which ended up being another AK, chop it up.

About 11:30 we headed to The Taj, where the sands turn to gold, to play the midnight tourny. Here insued some of the worst MTT play I've seen in a long time. First hour was quiet for me. Then picked things up in the second hour. Won a nice pot where I 3 bet AK preflop, got 1 caller and took it down on the turn. Picked up a few here and there and got my original 15K up to about 35K or so. Then spewed it back. The blinds rocket up in this thing so I was really trying to accumulate in the middle stages. Lost a 13K pot when I got flushed on the river, then lost a race with AQ vs 99. Then in the 3rd hour (blinds somewhere around 800-1600), won a monsterpotten with a set of 3's vs TP. Eventually I open shove the suited consenza (A10ss) for 55K, blinds 5K-10K, and get called by monster stack and his 77. Can't win the race and I am out 26th of 148 with the top 18 paying. Good night and good luck, the sun will be up in about 45 minutes. Played well, just couldn't get lucky early the coupla times I needed it to get a really nice stack.

On the online front I haven't played at all in 2 weeks and can honestly say I don't miss it. I really have no desire to play, so I don't really intend to. Maybe now that things are a little less hectic at home and work I will settle in one night. But then again maybe not.

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