Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crack is Whack

Started playing again a little on Sunday and Monday. Started to grind again on the crack tables of the poker world, 6-max PLO. Dear jeebus these people are so terrible. I think it was last May (2008) when I was grinding these things to a pulp to make iron man. Granted I'm only playing .10/.25 maybe a little .25/.50 so it took a little doing. Especially since my multi-table skills are not on the level of most. At any rate, they went on the shelf for a while and now I'm bringing them back.

So far results have been pretty good. Sessions have been pretty short and I'm really trying not to burn out on them. I have been enjoying playing again and with some cash wins it makes me feel like getting back into the MTT's again. See how things go but I'm thinking if I keep my sessions short and sweet on the cash game side it will make things more enjoyable for me in the long run.

ESPN coverage started last night. First 4 hands, 4 allins I think. And that's all I will write about ESPN poker coverage.

More importantly, 3 days til the MLB trading deadling and the Phillies are in the middle of every pitching rumor out there. I still want Roy Halladay but I'm going to start the Cliff Lee fan club. See the Dodgers and Red Sox can really only afford Lee. If the Phils jump in and grab him, they screw them both and leave JP Assmunch GM in Toronto holding his jock. My apologies to our Canadian contingent of bloggers. I like getting players and fucking someone else in the process.

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