Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Stuff

I got around to reading Daniel Negreanu's chapter in 2-7 yesterday in advance of playing the $200 event at the Golden Nugget on Tuesday. It has probably been well over a year since I read the chapter. It's amazing how much you remember AND how much you forget in that time period. It's always a good idea to go back and read some books as a refresher course, especially games that you don't play that often. I will probably read it again on the flight so it is fresh in my mind when I sit down at the tournament. I am really looking forward to this one and feel really good about my game.

I am heading out to Vegas in the right mindset. I like where my game is at. Should be fun. Plus its always good to see people that I haven't seen since the winter blogger gathering or the series last year.

I played two local cheat tournaments recently to get the cards in my hand again. I final tabled one of them but didn't cash. Going into the final table I think I was 7th of 10 in chips with only the top 5 paying so I took a few more chances. I ended up getting it in with KQ which was snap called by the CL's A8. His hand held and I was out. The other tournament didn't go so good. I was out shortly after the first break.

About one week ago I received some free play offers from the Tampa Hard Rock. I had $20 free play available this past Wednesday - Friday. I figured out the best way to clear the bonus was to play video poker. I was going to get on a $0.25 machine and play just a quarter at a time. Well, every single video poker machine was taken in the place. Guess I wasn't the only person with this idea. I decided to sit at a 1/2 NL game and wait for a bit then try again. After about 90 minutes I walked away with my $7 profit and decided to check out the video poker machines again. Still full. As I was about the just play it on a slot machine I walked by the high limit area. They had a bank of 4 video poker machines there with a $2 min bet, perfect. I played my 10 tries and walked away with $16. Free money!

I went this morning already and played my free money for Saturday - Sunday. No problem getting on the quarter machine at 7am. I ended up winning $13. I still have a couple more free plays. One is good this coming Monday - Tuesday and another which is supposed to be for a week starting tomorrow. Not sure if I go Monday I will have $40 available but we shall see. Oh, I also have a free one for when I get back from Vegas too. I'm soooo Allen Kessler (or OffDeadline's favorite, Anthony Curtis) like looking for the freebies.

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