Thursday, June 4, 2009


I played one of my more interesting tournaments in recent memory last night. I had more happen in that one in a short period of time that I think has ever happened to me.

I met up with Blaz to play in the nightly tournament at Mohegan Sun. It was a $100 + $20 MTT where you started with 10k in chips and 20 minute levels. The blind jumps were decent enough to give us plenty of play. They had around 60 people and payed the final 9. So much for randomness by the computer as we signed up at the same time and drew the same table, Blaz in seat 3 and myself in seat 5.

I won a smallish pot early vs Blaz when I called his 150 raise with his own hand, the AJ. I flopped middle pair and called the cbet. Turn and river went check check and I took it down. In the second level I decided to play the hammer UTG like it was KK. Unfortunately I found out too late that the lady I titled una-brow (form the Austin Powers movies) who rivered top 2. After the hand I was sitting on 6600.

Late in the 2nd level I got in another hand with Blaz. I was UTG and was getting short so I decided to limp KK with about 3k left. There were 3 callers including Blaz from the SB. Flop comes J10x. Blaz leads for 500 and I just decide to call. Turn is a 9. Blaz bets 1k and now I have no idea where I'm at but call. River is a 7 for a final board of J1097x Blaz puts me in for my last 1500 or so. I just don't think I'm good here, even vs Blaz. I folded and showed him the KK. At the break he later told me he had QJ so I folded the best hand. I just didn't think he would bet a hand that weak on the river knowing that if I wanted to dump off my chips to him he still might lose the hand with the worst of it.

I was down to 1200 at 100/200 and picked up AQcc UTG and open shipped my monster 6bb stack. A big stack called behind me and Blaz called from the SB. Flop comes QQ3. Triple me up. Blaz lead at the pot for around 2k and the other guy called. Turn A. Blaz bets 4k and gets called again. OK I know Blaz has a Q and we actually might be chopping here. River a brick 7 and Blaz fires 6k and is called again. I'm thoroughly confused as to what the other guy had. Blaz shows QJ and is up against KK?????? What? Blaz wins the monster side pot and I win the main and am up to around 3800 or so.

Coming back from the break and at 100/200/25 I am still really short. I dribble all the way down to around 2k when I ship with 66 over a raiser and get a shove behind me. Original raiser folds and shows and A. Shover has AK and the board rolls out Kxxx6 and I double to around 4k. Shortly after at 200/400 I get AdQh suited and ship. The person who had AK in the previous hand ship 1200 in or so and we are heads up. He shows 44. I flop the Q and get the 4flush on the river to knock him out and I'm back over 5k. Not long after that still in the 5th level I ship AK suited vs 99 and win another flip and all of a sudden I'm over my starting stack again.

STILL in level 5 there is an EP raise to 1200 a call to my right. I look at QQ and re-raise it to 3600. EP calls and person to my right calls. Flop Axx. Checked to me and I check. Turn rag and the EP player fires like 6k. Fold and I fold the QQ face-up. She said that she had KK. I asked if I ship the flop that she is calling anyway. OK.

Moving to level 6 and 300/600 there is an UTG limp, a MP limp and another limp. I ship 22 and 8k in to win the limpers and will take a chance vs a caller. UTG ships and I'm effed. He shows JJ and I do not improve and am bounced out.

I sweated Blaz till 1am when he bounced in 6th for $280.

Side note: On Tuesday I played two DoN's for the Kink of the Mountain Challenge and I won them both to get the roll up to $42.60.

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