Monday, June 8, 2009

BBT4 and Vegas

What are two things that I don't have time to do a proper write up for today. First day back after a week off from work, means not enough time here and I'm still trying to sober up from Vegas. The short version goes like this:

Vegas was more about drinking the partying like I was 22 as opposed to playing cards. Did squeeze a few hours in. TOC I didn't feel like I was playing especially well, but managed to hit a few hands early to get some chips. Folded alot when sammiched between Hoy on my left and CK on my right, each with a metric fuckton of chips. In the no hand is greater then AJ, even when you hit your Queen after shoving AQ preflop.

I'll expand later. GG and congrats to all the winners. Especially Al.

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  1. My body is NOT happy with me today... .darps