Monday, June 1, 2009

Pokersoup, Brit Blogger & King Of The Mountain

First off we tried to record Pokersoup during the Pokerslut Tour last night. The sound quality was so horrible that we ended up scrapping the show. Good thing we did not have a guest scheduled for last night. Hopefully we can get this shit straight as we have Eugene Todd (bro) scheduled for next week.

Sunday marked an end to the BBT4. I failed to win my TOC seat this year. I just ran and played so badly that I was disgruntled by the end that I really didn't play many events the last month. At least I found out what it was like to make a final table yesterday in the Brit Blogger and finished 5th when I played a pot for the chip lead but my 7's didn't outrun 8's. At least I was able to ship the $11 I borrowed fron Snarf to play back right away.

The King of the Mountain challenge is going well. Thanks to comments by Zorag and from pointledge during the Skype call last night, they pointed out that Stars rund $2.20 MTT satellites to the 1/4 million at :25 and :55 past the hour. I played in the 10:25pm and 10:55pm ones last night. the first one I ruckboxed all-in about 12 short of a seat when my A3 chopped a pot with A9 when the board ran out 9,5,6,8,7. I was able to shove a couple more times and the SB game me a walk at two key points and I was able to win a seat.

The second event went even better. First hand I pick-up QQ and win a small pot. I get AA not long after that but just win a small one again. I quickly got moved to another table where somehow 20 minutes in someone had 14k in chips. I doubled through him with KK vs his like 108 off or something like that and shortly after I was able to triple-up with QQ vs the same guys A10 and another A10. Flop comes Q99 for no sweat on the turn and river. After the hand I had 9500 and was able to fold my way into a seat.

Now I am sitting on $33 in the challenge and I have enough to move on to step 2. I have enough for 5 buyins at the double or nothings but I am thinking about playing two more $2.20 MTT's instead to go a little more conservative. Any thoughts out there?

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  1. I say go for the conservative route. The 2.20s are pretty easy.

    I set the stake up so that people could move up quickly. I think having a bit more of a cushion is better, in the long run. There were a few people talking about running all the way up to $118 just playing the 2.20s.