Saturday, January 30, 2010

WBCOOP #5 and Month-End Recap

Event #5 for the WBCOOP was last night on Poker Stars. The game was an 8-game mix. At my opening table of six there was only one other live player, a Spanish speaking dude from Montevideo, Argentina. After playing for real the first level of 2-7 we silently ended up trading blinds with the sit-outs. It took about 50 minutes to blind out the sit-outs and we both had 6k in chips with no risk. Next year they seriously need to look into the sit-out issues. Maybe no open registration until 1 hour before the event or something. In reading tweets I saw that change100 had nobody live at her opening table. Both gadzooks64 and jwthoma didn't have quite the same luck as I did, they had to actually play.

When I finally had a table full of live players it was jsut a steady increase for me. I didn't really have any serious drops in my stack at all. I quickly realized the spot to win money off of these muppets was in O8, Stud and Stud8. When we played NLHE and PLO I kinda just hung back and watched the donk on donk violence, although to be fair there really wasn't anything too extreme.

At my highest point I was sitting on a stack of around 20k. I had lost a couple of pots to dribble down to 14k when we were 10 spots away from the bubble when the big disaster hand came during 2-7. I was dealt 8753x and raised. Another big stack at the table 3-bet from the sb and I called. I dew one and hit the 2. Sb leads, I 2-bet and the sb 3-bets. Fuck. We are playing 1k/2k at the time. Sb stands pas as do I and I call the rest of the way down and lose to a #1. Ugh. After the hand I was left with 1700 chips 5 spots short of the money with less than 1 big bet left.

Two hands later in LHE I picked up A5 and raised to put the rest of my chips in. Next to act 3-bets and I am heads-up against K10. I flopped the ace and was able to nearly triple to a little over 5k. The bubble burst shortly after that.

Throughout O8, Razz, Stud and Stud8 I bounced around a bit but was able to work the stack up to 10k when we hit the NLHE rotation. Twice in NLHE I found AK and shipped my 10bb stack and got no callers. PLO went kinda meh and I was left with around 6k when we hit 2-7. I found a hand to go with but didn't win and I busted out 76th and won a SCOOP $11 ticket. Overall I am satisfied with the result.

January Summary

January started out good for me. Playing .25/.50 LHE I slowly increased the roll. One other big boost was having the $75 token at the beginning of the month and converting it to t216. I cashed out $150 of it to add to the roll and played the rest with no results. I did manage to get another $75 token but whiffed going to the t216 again. I made one other investment in a player for $50 which will return me some money.

Then the rush hit. Wanting to get in on the crystal meth of poker I started playing nl10. Early on I was winning. Then about a week ago I just ran into coolers. I was running big pairs and top top into sets and I dropped nearly 5 buyins. I then had the brilliant idea of short stacking nl50. Three $25 buyins later and I was stuck $125 on the day. All that work in the beginning of the month for nothing. Thankfully I made a small rally late in the month and after all was said and done I made a $38 profit for the month. Could have been soooo much more.

I ended up getting Bronze Iron Man on FT. Through Truly Free Poker Training I will be getting two weeks of Stox Poker. I plan on watching some micro NL videos to help the game out. My goal is to get to Silver this month with an outside shot at Gold. After I earn the points for the day on FT I will move over to Stars to build up the roll there. Hopefully I can get to nl25 by mid-March or so.

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