Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Rush Tables

I got a chance to try out the Rush tables at Full Tilt. I stuck with the low $10nl tables. I played a quick 10 minute session with one table going and then played 50 minutes later in the day with two tables. The hands and the fpps sure pile up fast. In one hour I played just a touch under 500 hands and earned 50 fpps. Getting Iron Man really shouldn't be an issue any more if you play these tables.

Before playing I read the ongoing thread on 2+2 and some others blogs who have tried the tables. All of the bloggers like it, all of the 2+2ers don't. Going in I really didn't think I would like the tables. I knew the drawbacks were that I was going to have zero reads on my opponents and that my HUD would provide no assistance. I have really grown to rely on the HUD. Add to the fact that I haven't played NL cash games in ages I didn't think I would be a favorite to make money. I guess I didn't add in the fact that I am playing $10nl. The play is horrid. Play ABC and you are fine.

A couple observations from playing:

1. The play was noticeably tight. Vary few hands were played with more than 2 people to the flop. Opponents found it easy to fold and get on with the next hand. If I was not UTG or UTG+1 I was opening any ace, any two broadway cards and any pair. I was winning my share of blinds uncontested. My stats were showing that I was a 23 VPIP and a 11.5 PFR. Probably a but looser and more aggressive than the opponents I saw.

2. A min-raise means absolutely nothing. I noticed that a lot of people min-raised in hoping to win the pot when everyone folded and moved to the next hand. When I had anything remotely playable mixed it up three betting and calling. If I called I generally was able to steal the pot away on the flop or turn.

3. The overshove works more than it should. Heffmike mentioned in a post recently about doing this in the games. I was successful 1/3 times with it. UTG raises pot to 0.35 and there is 1 cold caller. I ship over 120 bbs with AA and UTG calls (who has me covered) with 88. I hold and get the double.

I'm really looking forward to see how these games go over the next couple of weeks and if any new trends in play develop.

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