Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part of the Rush

How many other clever titles can bloggers come up with to talk about their thoughts on Rush Poker? Rushin In, A Rush to Judgement, Hot Rushin Women, the possibilities are really endless.
Ok, so like everyone else I am becoming a fan of this for a few reasons. Granted the play is still atrocious, but I tend to think it could stay that way for a little while. Everyone has weighed in on some of the basic pros and cons, and really I don't have anything to add to that. So why rehash it and waste your precious time. I'll give my thoughts on the why and how I feel it is helping my game.

I could never get this many hands in consistently before this new invention. I'm convinced someone with small children came up with this idea. Columbo mentioned on his blog about patterns becoming increasingly "burned into" the brain and I couldn't agree more. Things are starting to click for me a little bit more. Given the fact that I am not multitabling these, I have been able to pay full attention, which has really helped me identify the hands that are bleeding money for me. Sometimes you need things to smack you between the eyes to recognize them, and this has done that for me.

I know one of the biggest concerns or "cons" for the Rush poker is the inability to make any reads on people. For me personally this is a good thing. Why you ask? Well, given the low limits available at these tables, most people aren't thinking that much. I tend to over think. This format has forced me to focus on bet sizing and gut instinct which I think is helping my game. I'm obviously not trying to down play how important reads can be at the tables, but I've been able to take a little bit of a positive from this aspect of the game.

Possibly the biggest thing I've been having to learn is seperating each hand from the next. This format forces you to do that with an entire table of new people. Once you fold the hand is gone and trying to mentally do that is sometimes tough. I feel like I'm getting a little better at this just because I have to be successful in this format.

We'll see how this all plays out. So far it has been a good run. Hopefully it continues. I'm very interested to see how it effects my live cash game play which with any luck may get a test at the end of next month.

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