Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live Blog for WBCOOP #4

Why the fuck not. Chances are I'm gonna bust out of this donkfest in 10 minutes anyway.

6:00 - Table 18, Zooks at Table 79. No shock but I don't recognize anyone. 5 sitouts all to my direct left. FML.

6:03 - The Brazilian to my left showed up. Joy!

6:08: Doubled through the Brazilizn. Rivered flush. 3600.

6:10 - Busted one, boat vs straight. After that Brazilian doubled through me when 1010 loses to QQ, at 4k

6:16 - Zooks moved to Table 110. South Ameros and Europeans hit time bank every single hand. WTF! I am beginning to tilt.

6:31 - Zooks doubles to 4700. She has to sit out a bit so she needed to double. Mission accomplished. I am at 4100.

6:48 - I must have the tightest table in blogament history. t3930.

6:55 - t3880 on break. We are down to 3 live players including me.

6:59 - Did 3 pull-ups on break. Man am I out of shape.

7:06 - Zooks t7690, me t4070

7:18 - Our 4 sitouts have 1 pass through the blinds left, finally, missed oesfd down to t3440.

7:22 - Zooks to table 170 and at t10,615

7:25 - yestbay1 moved to my table. Met him during 2008 winter gathering.

7:37 - 35k moved to immediate left, raises nearly every hand. Guess I'm playing for stack. t3900.

7:39 - Called raise with KQ. Flop QQ6. Check check. Turn 7 and I CRAI and called by AQ. Doh. River 6, weeeeee. 316 left.

7:43 = Zooks AA cracked, down to t1900. I'm at t3700.

7:46 - Dude to my left now has t50,000.

7:51 - Out 278th. Zooks just doubled to t5100.

7:55 - 2nd break Zooks at 5k.

8:04 - Zooks out 255th. KK down in flames to JJ pre. Someone said they folded J. J river.

That's it for the live blog. Out.

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