Thursday, December 16, 2010

WPBT Recap – Part One


Thursday – The Arrival

Arrived in Vegas early Thursday morning and grabbed a cab to Paris. I was shocked that I was able to check-in before 10am and I actually got some work done. I was not impressed with the room though. Everything just seemed to be old. For a lesser price, I think Harrah’s (where I stayed the last four nights) is much nicer.

I played the Noon tournament at Caesars. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of t7500 to start and 20 minute levels. Last time I played this one I think it was 40 minutes, maybe I’m mistaken. I bowed out fairly early with nothing eventful happening.

After busting I walked over to Flamingo for some 1/2 action. I can’t remember how I did exactly, but I am pretty sure that I lost around half of a buy-in. After that was over I walked over to the IP to look for some bloggers but found none (it still was kinda early). I blasted through $100 at a five handed 2/4 LHE table in about 1/2 hour winning exactly one hand.

Done with poker for the day I played some Pai Gow and ran good to end up around $100. After some Pai Gow the bloggers started showing. After some BS time I walked over the the Venetian to sweat the Thursday Night game with CK and AlCantHang. CK will now be known as the Asian Cooler (or AC for short). I ended up losing my bet literally on the last play of the game. Tennessee with the back-door cover FTL, FML.

I recovered to win around $40 at Pai Gow back at Paris before calling it a night.

Part two later….

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