Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where in the World is Snuffy - Volume 3 and 3a

This week I am in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Last night I hit the Hollywood Casino in downtown Baton Rouge. No poker room there (knew that going in). It was gonna be a short stay anyways after dinner so I opted for one I have never been to before.

I played budgetcoach's favorite game Mississippi Stud. Ended up winning $50 and gave back $20 playing 10 play video poker. Quick $30 profit is fine by me.

I will be staying at Harrah's New Orleans tomorrow night and hopefully will get in an extended cash game session. Results to follow.

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  1. Mississippi Stud hasn't been nearly as kind to me the last few times I played it, so I'm not sure it's still at the top of my favorites list. I'm glad you did well at it though.