Friday, October 8, 2010

Harrah’s New Orleans Report

I was able to get in a session last night in the Crescent City. Harrah’s is nicely situated on the corners of Canal and Poydras just a few blocks from the French Quarter.


The first and only interesting story on the night was when I was on the elevator down from my hotel room. A middle-aged lady is on the elevator staring at the buttons. She asks me '”where is all of the food?” After thinking about that for a second I told her everything was on the first floor. “Where is the button?” I said the one on the bottom that says ‘lobby’. “Oh, I’m so fucking drunk I don’t even know what’s going on. I feel like such a fucking idiot.” I should have told her that the first thing is identifying the problem. Second part is fixing it. Yep, I’m pretty sure that I am in New Orleans.

After a nice dinner at Gordon Biersch on the patio watching the Twins lose number 512 in a row to the Yankees, I was ready to play some poker. There was probably eight 1/2 games going at 6:30pm. I was number two on the list and got a seat within five minutes.

My first thought was that the table was a bit on the older side so I was ready for a bunch of nits. While that was somewhat true there was two particularly bad players at the table. One was a middle-aged guy (MAG) and the other was an older guy (OG). MAG was a river aggro player. He loved to fire on all rivers whether he had something or not. OG was a calling station. You never tried to bluff him off of a hand for any amount. One of the fun hands of the night was when these two battled. MAG fired $20 on the turn and $60 on the river with air and was called down by OG with 4th pair. MAG goes off saying he is the worst player he has ever seen. Really? You saw him calling down with any pair for the last two hours and you try and run a bluff on him? Who is the bad player?

My night wasn’t too entertaining at all. I only had two somewhat interesting hands on the night. The first one there was a one limper before the button raised to $12. I had KK in the small blind and just called and the limper called. I opted for just the call because we were going to be three handed at most and the button liked to fire all flops once he put in a pre-flop raise. Flop comes out Q109 rainbow. To my surprise the limper leads for $20 followed by a button call. Based on the limper’s earlier play he has to have two pair plus in this spot. I opted for a call and will re-evaluate on the turn. The turn comes a 4. I check and limper leads for $60. I just don’t think I am good here and pitch without a lot of further thought. I think the only thing I am possibly ahead of here is QJ.

The last slightly interesting hand was late in the session when I called a MP raise to $11 with 97dd along with a lady that came to the table. The lady was very tight and the MP player was aggro but tended to give up on the turn when he didn’t hit. Three to the flop it came down J104 rainbow. MP c-bet $16 and I called with the gutter and the lady called. I was slightly concerned when the lady called. She acted like she had a piece of the flop but not a really big piece. The turn brought and ace. Lady checked, MP checked and this pot was ripe for the taking. I bet out $36 and the lady hummed and hawed before folding and MP folded fast. She commented that she thought she had the best hand. I’m guessing she had something like QJ and couldn’t find a call with my tight-ish image. I told her I turned two pair with A10 to make her feel better.

After that I was at my high point of the night showing a profit of $125. The table got older and amazingly got a lot more aggressive. Since the table was looking a little tough I opted to get up with an $87 profit on the day after about 3 1/2 hours.

Parking at the casino was a touch high at $25 for 24 hours. After 30 minutes of play you got a ticket for free parking. Unfortunately the poker room doesn’t track play. At least they didn’t last time I was there and I never asked. Maybe if asked they give you one. I opted to play some 5 cent 10 Play Jacks or Better. After dropping $5 after what had to be nearly 45 minutes I went to look for something else to play. I found nothing before heading back to the video poker machines and dropped the $15 in a 5 cent 100 Play Jacks or Better machine that took all of 5 minutes to lose. Damn card reader didn’t work either.

I go to get my free parking and it says that I have played 24 minutes, WTF? I go find a penny machine to play to satisfy the time and happened to run good and won $5 over an hour of play. I got my free parking and called it a night.

One side note I wake up at 4:15 (had to get up at 5:30 for flight) by a loud ass party in the room next door. They quiet down just in time for me to get ready to leave for the airport.

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