Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Situation Continued…

After re-loading for another $200 I had it up to around $260 after one hand by tilting and firing three barrels with air before my opponent folded on the river. Sitting around that amount I picked-up KK and raised to $12 with two callers. Flop comes J102 rainbow. I lead for $25 and get one caller who has about $50 left behind. Turn is a brick 4 and I put him in for his last $50. He calls and turns over KQ and gets up to grab his coat and walks one step away from the table before the 9 hits the river.

I was as low as $140 on my second buy-in when things started to turn around. After taking a 15 minute break I came back and the deck started hitting me hard. I had my stack north of $300 in one lap. I picked-up AA against a loose aggro player who, based on the comments at the table, is a regular player in the 2/5 game there. I raise to $12 pre and he is the only caller. Flop comes KQ7ss. I fire out $20 and he calls. Turn pairs the 7 and I bet $35 and he calls. River is a the 6s and he donks out for $35. I took a good bit of time going over the betting and it didn’t make sense so I called. He had bottom pair. Helped a bit that I had the As as well.

Two hands later I have AK off UTG and limp. The reason I limped is because the player from the last hand was in the SB and I’m pretty sure if we get multiple limpers that he is making a move with his $90ish stack. If he doesn’t and I miss a flop I have no problem pitching the hand. There were multiple limpers to him and he makes it $21 to go as expected. Folds to me and I make it $102. All fold to him and he throws the rest of his stack in saying “I just have low cards.” Board rolls out 543KA and he mucks after seeing my hand.

I played a little while longer and had my stack as high as $540 but dribbled down a bit to $470 when I got up.

Situation #2:

After dinner I came back and bought in for $200 again. I had $230 in front when yet another tough decision came my way.

I have 33 and call a raise to $10 along with three others and we take the flop five handed. Pot is $50 and we see a 632ss flop. It checks to me in MP and I bet $30 and get 3 callers. $170 in the pot and the turn is a bad looking 5 bringing a second spade as well. EP leads for $25 and next to act min-raises to $50. I tank and gamble hoping for the board to pair on the end when a late position players 3-bets to $200. EP folds and next to act is all in for less and it’s back to me.

I took a good two minutes or so and counted out the pot and figured out the odds I needed. Please don’t check my math here with the pot as I am guessing on numbers but I needed to be getting 5:1 to make a neutral EV play and I was only being laid 4:1. Add to the fact that I may be facing a higher set I opted for the fold. When players rolled their hands over one had 74ss and the other hand A4. Unfortunately the river paired the 2 and I would have scooped a $650 pot.

If I end up holding in the first two hands (first one in particular) I am going to gamble it up on the last hand. That’s a total of $1600 in pots that I would have won. I ended up leaving with a $29 profit. A lot of action for a small win.

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  1. Why are you folding sets when you only bought in for 100BBs when the decision is close? You have considerably more than 33% pot equity. Call all day every day.