Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vegas Wrap and One More Story

The final numbers:

Cash Games: +555
Single Table Sats: -160
Tournament: -60
Random Gambling/Food/Other Expenses: -15
Total Profit - +320 - A winning trip, yea.

I have one more story to tell about the Hard Rock. While at the second table they floor person came around and gave tickets for a $100 drawing in which you had to be in the room to win. There was a Brit to my immediate right who probably had around $600 in front of him. HE was gonna get up and leave until a few people at the table convinced him to to stay the extra half hour until the drawing. I was pretty sure they weren't doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. He had to be the fish at the table and just got lucky in a few spots.

The phrase coined at the table was "European Style", synonymous with losing all your chips in quick succession. In the half hour it took for him to wait for the drawing he ended up being felted on two big pots where he got his money in drawing dead. The bad part was he didn't even stick around to see if he won the $100. His buddies on the rail were giving him a massive amount of shit. Stay away from the European Style of play.

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