Monday, March 8, 2010


The title above pretty much sums up my writing skills over the last few weeks. I have a boatload of shit to say but I am just two damn lazy to type out the words. That's partly why we began the collaborative blog, so there would be more content. Since someone decided to have kid #2 and my other cohort is just as lazy and I am, that left us with little content. I'm not sure how to change that. Twitter has been my crutch. It's a hell of a lot easier to type 140 characters at a time compared to crafting multiple paragraphs. I am not a writer by nature. Hell, I don't even like to read much either. Anyone out there have cures?????

After getting back from Vegas I decided to go play some live poker at the track to try and build the roll up some more. Here comes the fail!!! I was on my first buy-in when in a 5-way limped pot I held the 66 in mp. Flop comes down 632dd. SB leads for $10 and with the possible multiple-draws out there I raised it up to $30. SB takes zero seconds and ships. I throw the last $50 in front of me in and say I have a set. He says me too and turns over the 33. Bink comes the 3 on the turn and I was just one outed for my first buy-in. I must say that I took it pretty well though. Shit like that happens.

I opened the game up a little bit after that. After about another hour passes before I limp 95ss in middle position. The player from the previous hand raises to $8 and with the future of 6 others calling who were already in I called. Flop comes A95 rainbow. Villan leads for $20 and I ship the last of my $80 in front of me and he snap calls with the AJ. Guess what, J binks the turn. Bye bye buy-in #2. After that buy-in #3 was a blur. Plenty of shitty play ensued and I ended up dropping all of my profits from Vegas in 5 hours.

Fast forward one week later and I am back at the track with two buy-ins in my pocket. Very first hand of the day I pick up AKcc in early position and raise it up to $11 and get three callers. Flop comes KQx and I lead for $30 and get one caller. Turn J and I ship the last $59 and get called by KK. Lovely. After one hand, down one buy-in I get up from the table and decide to walk over to the tournament that is about to start. Soon things are going to change. More later.

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