Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tourney Results

It's been so long since I was gonna post about some good tournament results I guess I will summarize as best I can.

I played a $90 deep stack at the track (and I mean DEEP, 20k chips). They had 49 runners and after nearly 7 hours I finished 4th for around $360. When we were 5 handed I had about 6bbs and was up against everyone else sitting on at least 20bbs and 2 well over 80bbs and we ALMOST got an even 5 way chop. The drunk in the game fucked it up for me asking for the floor for no other reason to piss off one particular opponent who said screw it let's play. Drunk was the chip leader and busted 5th.

In the above tournament I won a satellite ticket (first 5 flushes in tourney win $30 seat). The ticket gets you 2k in chips in a sat. You have a $5 add=on for 1k more and a $30 re-buy which you must take right away for 5k more. I was on my starting stack in the 3rd level and limped 98hh. Flop comes QJ10 in a five way limped pot. BB leads for near pot and I just ship about 7500 total and the BB finds a call with J7??? I double and am in good shape early. It ended up being 89 runners for 12 seats. With 16 to go I found AA when I had 5bbs and won blinds and antes which nearly doubled my stack. I hit AA with 14 left to secure me stat in the $350 buy-in tourney. I also had 30% of someone else in the tourney who also won a seat. Tourney is this Sunday. I am selling both seats if I can to take the cash to St. Louis with me.

In Minneapolis I had two live cash sessions. Netting them both I broke even. I also played a $40 tournament with a little over 200 runners paying 20 spots. I finished 25th. gg me.

That's about it lately. I have a ticket for a $125 64 player heads-up event Thursday. If it sells out I may just try and sell my seat for a premium. If not I like my chances as I highly doubt the players in the field are all that skilled in heads-up.

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