Monday, August 17, 2009

One more hand....

Kicked me in the jimmies yesterday.

Was playing a decent amount of 25PLO 6 max over the weekend. Usually the live ones come out on the weekends and I was trying to clear some of my free money bonus from FTP. The bonus whoring was really the side note, I was mostly just trying to grind. I found I can do 3 tables OK. Probably not optimal, but I really need to watch my distractions when I am doing it. Satruday went decent, ground out a small profit and cleared a little bit of the bonus.

Sunday I was having a bleh session. Just not much going on any table. Lost a coupla big hands with AAxx single and double suited. One where I guy limped, the SB potted (like he did every time when it was limped to him, in or our of position), I re potted from UTG and this guy cold called 7 dollars preflop after limping. Of course he hit trips on the river. So that's about the way the session was going, but still managed to only be down about 5 bucks or so. I closed my 2 other tables and was waiting for the BB to get to me on the 3rd, we were only 4 handed and I get AAQ8 single suited in spades. I pot, the BB repots, and I repot again hoping to end this. He calls 7 bucks or whatever it is now. The flop was Q94 rainbow, with a back door spade draw and he checks to me. At this point, I really had him on a KKxx hand, I thought QQxx was possibly but not very likely. So the pot is 15, I have 16 left and I really think there is only one move, so I pot, he tanks, then puts me all in, I call. He had KQJ10 rainbow. Of course he gets there with a King on the turn.

I'm not sure I can do much differently in this hand. I only have 17 behind when the flop comes out. I can't bet 1/2 and then try and get away when he repots. If I'm deeper, maybe. I'm curious if anyone else has thoughts on this hand. His cold call preflop and his check on the flop really made me think he had a KKxx hand, I've seen that line way too many times in these games. Is there anyway to not go broke here?

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  1. I go broke here.

    Villain was an idiot to put so much money in preflop with no suits despite holding KQJT.