Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cash Games - PLHE

I've taken to playing PLHE instead of NLHE because it seems to attract weaker players than NLHE does.  You get the people that like to see a lot of hands because they aren't risking their entire stack in any given hand.  Theoretically, at least.  It's shockingly easy to get your entire stack in rather quickly if you are determined to do so.

Just before dinner last night I got the urge and fired up a few tables of $50PLHE.  It wasn't long before this hand came up:

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Well, wow, did I get lucky there.  I was tempted to close up show and call it a day because I was sure my luck had just been all used up on that one hand.  I ended up taking a break for dinner and then got back to the tables.

It wasn't too long before this hand came up:

Yep, FTP got me back in spades for my little KK>AA suckout.  I was so sure I was ahead of this doofus.  Sigh.  Nothing like knowing he was 938074012938461085:1 to go runner runner quads on me. 

Let's just try to grind back to even and call it a night shall we?  I made headway in the grind, eking out a small profit.  Predator showed up to regale me with his stories so I kept on playing when I picked up KK, yet again. 

I love it when a draw doesn't hit.  Well, when I'm not the one drawing that is.  I hit a little streak of hands just then: hit a set of 2s and picked up QQ for a small pot.  I had pressed my luck enough for one night.  Time to close up shop.

I loaded up that session into my Hold'em Manager and did a review this morning.  At the time I recall thinking to myself that I was getting a lot of AA and KK hands.  I'm always curious about whether or not I ran good/bad/average during a session as far as starting hands go.  HEM gives you a way to check on that.

As far as I can tell that is running well, I think I should have been more like 1.8% for those particular hands. 

Based on 931 hands, I should have been deal Aces 931/221 or 4.2 times when I was actually dealt Aces 8 times during that session:

Kings were not quite as ubiquitous but still ahead of expectation with 6 occurrences:

Something has to give somewhere if you believe all that statistical mumbo jumbo.  Queens is where I finally show less than expected occurrences with only 3 - only slightly below expectation:

For the AK hands I should average 8.3 for AKo and 2.8 for AKs and I experienced 8 and 4 respectively.

I definitely ran ahead of expectation on premium hands.  You'll notice, however, that I didn't really capitalize on it.  I lost 14.5bb with my AA - thanks to that lovely AA<A2 soooooooted hand.  KK was veddy veddy goooot to me netting me 202.1bb.  QQ scooped 32.1bb while the AK hands punished me with -47.8bb (mostly because of bad play on my part).

Nothing like running good to make for a good session but you can still lose big pots with big hands or stupid play.  I just need to get the stupid play under control.

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