Monday, August 24, 2009

About That Fuck Poker Post

I wrote it after I played AIPS and AA lost to Q7 because top pair 7 kicker just has to be good when I overshove the turn for 1.5x the pot. His excuse was that I was a good player and I was capable of bluffing in that spot. Whatever helps you sleep buddy. Enough about that shit.

Since I am relegated to playing just Sunday nights now I don't get much of a chance to win anything. This makes chopping the Pokersluts Razz that much sweeter. I finally have a healthy roll on Full Tilt now and will be moving some of it over to Poker Stars.

The Razz event went smooth almost from the get go. Aside from bricking off 5th 6th and 7th on the first hand I played to drop me to 1200 I played pretty good. By the first break I had it over 2k and didn't look back from there. With around 12 people left or so I never fell below 2nd in chips. I had around a 3x chip lead going to the final table and was able to maintain it and ended up chopping for around a $24 profit.

I started another blog for my non-poker stuff, including my travels for work and the subsequent casinoish shenanigans. It is located at

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