Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I finished off my work trip early and since I am so damn close to Vegas why no go, right? I am going out just for a couple days and have an early flight home on Friday. I am going to take two shots at a single table satellite for the $340 Venetian Deep Stack Tournament on Thursday and then just play cash games the rest of the time. I am looking forward to seein City Center and Encore. I think Encore was open last time I was in town but I never made it down there.

My play at Sandia was very brief. I played a $40 donkament last night and busted out shortly before the end of the first hour. You got t3000 to start and blinds doubled every level I was alive. In the 100/200 level I had t1600 and shoved the cutoff with KJ soooted and was snap called by a t3000 stack in the sb with KQ and I was out.

I wandered over to Pai Gow and proceeded to lose my first hand. I wouldn't lose another hand for well over an hour. I ended up winning $100 and decided to go sit in a 1/2 nl game for a bit. A bit is the key phrase. I didn't even last one lap. I bought in for $150 and started in the BB. In the 3rd hand on the button I had 99. A lady in the cutoff who seemed like a pretty decent player raised to $12 and I called. Flop come A109 rainbow. She leads for $12 again and I flat. Turn J and she leads for $15 and I put in a raise to $45. I was talking about the hand to Zooks this morning and I think a better raise in that spot should be in the $60 range. Not much of a difference but meh. River A and she leads for $45. I decide I cant fold a full house and call and get shown the A and the J. Underfull FTL. Shortly after that I called a raise with a suited ace and flopped the fd and shoved my last $27 in and I was up against a set. I didn't improve and in 10 minutes the $150 was gone.

Hopefully Vegas goes a little better on the poker side of things.

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