Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tunica–Rest of the Trip Report

Figured I should write up the rest of the trip report before it becomes ancient history in my mind.


I arrived in Memphis around midday on Thursday. The first thing I played was a $65 single table satellite. We were down to 3-handed and I had t4200 and the other stacks were t4200 and t1600. At 200/400 the short stack folded the button and I found A-9 in the SB. I shipped and the BB woke up with A-J and I lost. That’s just a terrible way to play the hand there. I need to preserve my chips and see if we can knock out the short stack. Add to the fact that I was having my way three handed there is just no reason to push all in. I did chop the last longer though.

I played two more single table sats on the night and whiffed them both. I moved on the the cash games and sat in a 1/3 game for a few hours. I made enough money to pay for the single tables and wound up with around a $100 profit on the night.


Friday was pretty much a disaster for me. We started off at the Horseshoe playing 1/3. Over about 5 hours I dropped $700 in the game. Nothing was working. Twice in three hands I lost to a two outer. I had a flopped nut flush lose to runner runner quads on the first hand. I think I lost the absolute minimum of $100 on that one though. The other hand I lost to a rivered straight flush when I had my opponent all in on the turn.

We played a cheap $60 tournament over at the Gold Strike that night. I was all over the place in that one having some fun. I ended up busting somewhere in the middle of the pack when I had QQ v AK v 66 all in pre-flop and ended up in 3rd place after the hand was over. We made it back to Harrah’s after that and I played one more single table satellite and won nothing.


First thing on the day was the $555 ring event. Looking at the field I certainly didn’t pull the easiest of tables but there were two players who were pretty bad that everyone was going after. With 12k to start there was plenty of time to sit back and wait for hands to happen. At the first break I barely increased my stack to 12.3k. Before the second break I fell all the way down to 7700 when I ended up chopping a hand with AA when the board ran out a straight. At the second break I had 8600 coming back to 22bbs.

When we moved to 300/600 I was all the way down to 10bbs and had a shove stack. I ended up shoving a total of 5 times before the dinner break with no callers. One time a player opened to 1500 and I shoved my 6k with A-A and he folded. What? At dinner break I had it to 15k coming back to 500/1k.

The very first hand back from dinner a 12bb stack shoved in EP and I found Ad-Kd in the SB and re-shipped. He turns over 7-7. Flop K, turn 7 and I am down to 3bbs. A couple hands later I get my last 3bbs into the middle with 22 against A-Q. Q in the door followed my a 2 and I double. I shoved another hand and I was back up to a 10bb stack again.

The bustout hand was kind of interesting. The button who had been fairly active early threw out 1500. I think he was intending just to call but he was forced to min-raise and I had Q-10 in the SB. I called and the BB called. Flop comes 10-X-Xcc and I ship. Button tanks for a bit and finally calls with Ac-8c. Well crubs didn’t get there but the A did on the turn and I was out the door in the 160s, paid top 45.

From my last post you saw how I ended up doing in the cash games that night and subsequent tournament on Sunday. It’s always good to make it home with more money than you left with.

Next up is the WSOP-C Main Event down in West Palm Beach at the end of the month. I will get there the day before the Main to play one or both of the mega-satellites. Getting in on the cheap would be good.

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