Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogger Winter Gathering

Well, it's official. After receiving permission from the President (read: wife) I went ahead and booked my trip for the WPBT Winter Classic in December. I will be staying at Harrah's arriving Friday early evening and leaving Tuesday. I pulled a cheap rate through the Total Rewards site ($65 weekend, $35 weekday). I just can't stand staying at the IP any more.

I decided to come in later so I could have a day to myself at the end of the trip to try and get unstuck from whatever I lose the first few days. Plus I have never been in Vegas for a MNF game.

What perfect timing too because the lovely people at PokerStars have decided to put together a tremendous added prize pool to the tournament. Adding a total of $4500 to the prize pool is awesome.

CK was nice enough to introduce me to a potential teammate last night. Now if only this person or this person would get off of their ass and book the trip we could have a full team of three.

I vowed last year to never miss one of these again and I'm keeping my word.

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