Friday, November 13, 2009


I ran across this post on POKER BLAARGH describing the SECT utility that lets you see your EV on every street of a hand not just when you get it all in as HEM does.  Well, that's quite interesting.  I tend to pride myself on betting when I'm ahead.  This seems like a good tool to evaluate that.

These are my results from October 1st through today.  Check out that lovely bit in the middle there.  Talk about running like dookie.  I'll never ever feel bad about sucking out again.  I think this hand accounted for that flip around hand 2750. 


And this one around hand number 3750.

Well, this one wasn't so bad since he was a shorty. 

I actually considered folding the KK hand above but only pussies fold KK.  :)

If you use HEM you might want to check out that SECT Utility and throw a couple chips to the developer.  Every little bit helps.


  1. hey, can't believe I don't have you kids in my bazzilion links... fixed that problem.

    Nice little program, hope HEM incorporates it (paying the SECT developer off, of course!)

  2. Wow. Thinly veiled bad beat story. I like it!

  3. Not even close to bad beat story. If that were the case I would have shown the bad beat hands.

    This is a thinly disguised I can suckout like the donks post. Two totally different things.