Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So You Say Micro Limit Poo Flinging Is Beatable???

I would tend to agree with you. Case in point from a session yesterday:

(Click through for replayer)

It's kinda hard to figure out exactly what my opponent was thinking. I won't even go with calling 3 bets cold pre-flop. I didn't have enough hands on him for good stats but I think it's pretty easy to say he is a tad bit on the loose side.

Let's fast forward to the river. If he is looking to bluff catch, which in itself is questionable cause he can't even beat ace high or any pair, why does he not just call on the end? If he is looking to steal with king high why call on the river? Maybe I am just reading way too much into a hand. Zooks thought maybe my opponent thought they held the straight. Who knows. For sure some money still to be had out there.

I am thinking about having a lockdown day of my own on Thursday or Friday. I need to kill some vacation time and I want to get in an extended session. I may try and top it off with a live session if I can swing it.

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha, I want some asshole to tell you "I see this kind of play at every level way up to the 100/200 game.